Hiking Tours in the Cindrel Mountains, the Romanian Carpathians-9 Days-MountainGuide-Sibiu

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It is said that the people from the area of Mărginimea Sibiului are very proud when talking about the Cindrel massif – it is too beautiful and impressive to be described in words; its beauty has also been confirmed by all the tourists that stepped its paths!
MountainGuide-Sibiu suggests you an exciting hiking tour in the Cindrel Mountains where we’ll have the occasion to meet flocks of sheep spread on the grasslands and pastures, great people always eager to share a bit of their life experiences with you.


Hiking Tours in the Retezat Mountains-7 Days-MountainGuide-Sibiu

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The Retezat Mountains rise between two large valleys Petroşani and Haţeg, and it is divided into two parts: The Big Retezat, the most important part of the whole massif with the highest peaks: Peleaga (2509 m), Păpuşa (2508 m), Retezat (2485 m), Bucura (2433 m) or Judele (2398 m) and the Little Retezat, wilder than the former.
It is said that Retezat is the mountain with blue eyes because of its 80 lakes which mirror the blue sky.
In Retezat we shall see the largest glacier lake in the Romanian Carpathians – the Bucura Lake (almost 9 ha) and the deepest lake - Zănoaga (29 m depth).
MountainGuide-Sibiu suggests you a hiking  tour on the highest and most important peaks of the Retezat Mountains, combined with cultural visits to the most important tourist attractions in the country: the fortress from Alba Iulia, the Castle form Hunedoara and the Bison Natural Reserve from Hateg