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TOPIC: Preparation for Writing a Thesis
Preparation for Writing a Thesis 5 months 2 weeks ago #189112
Preparation for Writing a Thesis


It is worth starting the preparatory stage with the choice of a topic. To choose the right one, you should be guided by the following criteria:
  • Relevance. The topic should be important for the science and economy of our state, moreover, it should be timely. That matters right now.
  • Illumination. This criterion should be approached very carefully. There is no need for to choose a topic that is too narrowly focused, since in this case there may be a shortage of material, so writing a diploma will be extremely difficult. In addition, it is not recommended to take a popular topic, here problems with finding its uniqueness may begin. Therefore, it is best to stay somewhere in the middle.
  • practical component. It is worth choosing a topic in which, along with theory, you can also widely cover the practical aspect.
  • Interest. It is worth choosing a topic that will be primarily interesting to the student himself, and will also be able to reveal his research potential.


Choice of supervisor


This aspect is also quite important and it is carried out at the preparatory stage. First of all, you need to choose a teacher who knows his subject well, and also considers similar problems in his scientific research. In addition, the future curator should have time to work with you, help with the research, and also supervise it. The human qualities of the teacher are also important. It is worth choosing a person with whom it will be convenient for you to work.


The progress of the thesis


Schematically, text can be divided into the following stages:
  • first, a topic is selected on the basis of which the thesis will be written;
  • then an application is submitted so that it is officially assigned to the student;
  • after that, the student draws up a plan, selects literary sources, studies them, analyzes them;
  • then the student begins to write separate parts of the work and shows the supervisor, who, if necessary, corrects them;
  • after writing the introduction and the main part, the student needs to formulate conclusions;
  • this is where the main part of the work ends and the additional one begins, since the text needs to be subtracted for the presence of various errors;
  • then the final version is shown to the curator, the supervisor writes a review of the work;
  • reviewers also leave their reviews;
  • the last step in this case is the preparation for the defense: the student needs to write a report, report it, take care of handouts, etc.




In this case, it is important to set a specific goal and break it down into sub-points. Despite the fact that each student is provided with a curator who should help draw up a plan at I advise various literary sources for viewing and provide any other possible assistance, first of all, the student must rely on himself. Then, in case of force majeure, it will be much easier for him to make the right decision and continue to move on.


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Preparation for Writing a Thesis 3 months 1 week ago #189633
A bachelor's thesis is a final work that is the final stage of your studies in a bachelor's degree. Such work allows the examination committee to show how well you have mastered the material that you have studied over the years of study, were able to handle information, and also find solutions to any tasks assigned to you. In this article, we will introduce you to the structure of the bachelor's work, as well as provide some examples so that you can understand how to format it correctly.
Undergraduate Work Highlights
According to methodology from custom history essay writing service in 2022, as well as other standards, there are some specific rules that relate to the design of this very work. As is usually the case, any work, whether it is a thesis or a bachelor's thesis, must consist of the following main elements, as indicated below.
  • The title page, which indicates the topic of the work, the name of the educational institution, as well as the data of the student (course, full name) and the person who checks the work (name).
  • Abstract - a brief description of what is described in the work itself.
  • Content - a list of items that make up the entire work.
  • List of abbreviations or abbreviations.
  • Introduction - initial information about the work, which will introduce the reader of this work into the course of business.
  • The main part - it is in this part of the work that all the information that relates to the work is indicated. It consists of three parts: theory, analytics, and applied part.
  • Conclusion - the conclusions that were achieved in the course of the work.
  • Bibliographic list - a list of used literature that came in handy in the course of the work.
  • Summary - a short version of the conclusion, concisely setting out the meaning set out in the conclusions of the work
Below you can find a link to an example (sample) of a bachelor's thesis, as well as a presentation based on the work.
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