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TOPIC: Abstract Writing Strategy
Abstract Writing Strategy 2 years 4 months ago #188395
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Almost all students in life have to write essays. This is, in fact, the first and, one might say, the easiest scientific work, which, nevertheless, plays a very important role in the process of education in higher education. From write my papers it's easy to get a good paper. Unfortunately, some faculties underestimate its role and do not include it in the curriculum.


What is an abstract?


Where to start writing an essay? In general, the word "abstract" has Latin roots and is translated as " I report, I report." From this it is clear that the main essence of the work is a summary of the thoughts of other people.


What are the abstracts?


Abstracts mainly differ in how many sources were used in writing. There are abstracts that need to be written on a specific book or article, which in this case will be the basis of the educational and methodological base. Editors from can help you right now. In such cases, the article or book on which you need to write an abstract is indicated by the teacher himself when giving the assignment.


There are also works on (conditionally) a variety of sources in which it is difficult to single out the main source. Here you yourself determine in the course of work which sources you will use. All these works, regardless of their type, are aimed at theoretical coverage of the problem and are not practical in nature.


In it, it is necessary to logically combine all the information found, while it is possible and necessary to add your reasoned opinion. It actually contains all the main essence of this particular work. Excerpts from the works can be cited both in the form of direct speech and in their own free presentation, while trying, however, to preserve the main idea of the author.


Simultaneously with the main part, you can start the design and content. In this case, the content should also reflect other parts of the abstract, namely the introduction, conclusion and list of used literature. The latter, too, will be most convenient to arrange simultaneously with the main part.


What is described in the remaining sections of the abstract?


After writing the main part, you can proceed to the introduction and conclusion. In the introduction, you need to do the following things:
  1. Explain why this topic was chosen;
  2. Indicate the purpose and task;
  3. Determine the object and subject of research;
  4. Indicate the research methods used;
  5. Note the theoretical validity of the topic;
  6. Indicate the literature used;
  7. Describe the structure of the work.


True, most often only the first two points are required. And yes, no matter how strange it sounds today, there are still experts from who will do the writing of an abstract by hand. They motivate this by the fact that in this way the students will at least somehow read the literature, and not stupidly download everything from the Internet. So, comrades, sometimes you yourself are to blame.

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Abstract Writing Strategy 1 year 10 months ago #189578
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Abstract Writing Strategy 1 year 8 months ago #190073
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Abstract Writing Strategy 1 year 4 months ago #196609
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